More on Esther Circles...

  • Esther Circle monthly meetings are held in each others homes or at a favorite location on a monthly basis over a simple meal prepared by the women.  The meetings are expected to last around 2 hours, with 1 hour for socializing and friendship and the second hour for the proposed Esther activity for each meeting.
  • Esther Circles are for the purpose of carrying out the current social justice campaign that is in place for the 6-8 month campaign season.
  • Esther Circles independently decide what they are going to do for the campaign, however they must adhere to the Esther Code of Conduct (see below).
  • Esther Circles increase the impact of the movement during the campaign by purposefully growing and dividing through social connection.

Esther Code of Conduct

  • Esther Circles do their work through loving positive action (no shock tactics, hateful behavior or speech or divisive campaigns) (we are “anti-anti” and “for-for”).
  • Esther Circles adhere to values of respect, honor and discipline.  No revenge tactics, divisive marches, etc.
  • Esther Circles bring a sense of beauty, romance and joy to everything they do.
  • Esther Circles foster a spirit of generosity in everything they do.
  • Esther Circles are not churches and should not become substitutes for religious meetings or organizations. 
  • Esther Circles are action-oriented in nature, outwardly focused and open to adding new people, they are not clubs or social cliques. 
  • Esther Circles are courageous and willing to push the status quo if the social justice campaign requires it.
  • Esther Generation, Inc. is not responsible for the actions of the Esther Circles. They are independent circles.
  • Each Esther Circle must register with Esther Generation, Inc. to be recognized as an official Esther Circle. 
  • Esther Generation reserves the right to remove any group as an official Esther Circle if the group does not adhere to the core values and code of conduct of Esther Generation, Inc.