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Build this wall instead

To My People:

You know who you are. You look like me, think like me or you sound like me. We share the same spirit. We have a desire to do good to others above our own self interests or desires. We believe in God, a power higher than ourselves, we believe that the Bible is a literal and figurative instruction manual for life and we believe in ordering our lives according to a code of righteousness. We will fight and be courageous if we have to be, we've been through a thing or two, but we don't pick fights and dearly want to be humble.

To you...My People...wherever you are in the world, I urgently write an important message.

We were born for such a time as this. We are assembled here in these chaotic times to do something extremely important for Our People.

We must build the spiritual Walls of our Holy City.

There's an awful lot of talk about building walls and making the borders of nations secure. But there is one Wall that was supposed to be built, but for 2000 years very little has been done. Our Holy City is unsafe. All types of people are going in and out, people who might look and sound like us, but they are just wolves in sheep's clothing. They are invoking the name of Jesus for personal gain and for political and governmental power, yet you and I know that we find no spiritual resonance with them.

The spiritually young in our Holy City are most vulnerable. I regret to report that many are sick and emaciated and some have even died. They are eating scraps in our spiritual streets. Surfing the internet for spiritual food tainted with all sorts of contaminants. Getting fed from people who do not care about the carefully scripted diet that our people must eat to thrive and be healthy. They are getting spiritual food contaminated with the doctrines of spiritual pigs.

A war has been called against Our People. The spiritually old among us have no rest, they have no Sabbath as they struggle to hold a crumbling front line of the war -- because the Lord's Army has been flooded out by a cacophony of bad news, fake news, news spin, selfishness, greed, doctrines of men and corruptions of every kind imaginable. Instead of rejoicing in their advanced age, many of the spiritually old are calling on the Lord to take them home before things get any worse.

Yet things are indeed getting worse. Our enemy is circling in for the kill. Grief, despair and despondency are everywhere. Truth is scarce.

So I am urgently writing this letter to say that while every earthly nation in our generation is busy shoring up its borders, I'm calling upon the People in my Kingdom to do the same.

Its time to build the Spiritual Wall. Build the Wall! Build. The. Wall.

Its as important a modern-day spiritual infrastructure project as Noah's Ark was in the Old Testament. Some people reading this will think I'm a crazy Queen, but I'll let history tell the tale long after I'm gone. You see, I think there's an even bigger flood coming, one that is threatening to destroy Our People. The people to be found within our Walls will be safe, the ones outside will be subject to all kinds of robbers and thieves. They will drown in instability, fear and discouragement. They will drown and spiritually die.

We are facing an existential threat to our Kingdom of the highest order.

Revelations 21 gives this amazing picture of a Holy City called "New Jerusalem." It mentions that it has a "great, high wall with twelve gates." And it also says that the wall of the Holy City had twelve foundations, and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. So you see, the foundation has already been built. Jesus's 12 disciples did their job well -- the Bible has been written and most of us follow their careful teachings. Jesus did his job well -- through his leadership and personal sacrifice, we have the power to live an immortal victorious spiritual existence. And our King Jesus is the cornerstone of this invisible Holy City. The only thing left to do is finish the Walls! That's our job now.

We are the generation that will build the walls with determination. And my job here is to encourage you and spur you into the war in much the same way that Queen Esther did in the days of old.

Here's the strategy: Build the wall of our Holy City with one hand and fight with the other.

On fighting with one hand:

Go and get whatever spiritual weapon you have available to you and defend yourself spiritually from any onslaught that comes your way. Use singing, music, art, meditation, silence, dance, exercise, feasts, fasts, assembly of the saints -- whatever you have available, use it! Spiritually f ight from wherever you are, in whatever nation you are located in. There must be no grief, no discouragement, no hate, no bitterness and no deliberate lying in our Kingdom.

Also, before you go into the fray, please protect yourself. In case you weren't aware, forgiveness is a protective covering against that spiritual cyanide called bitterness. Cover with forgiveness liberally as you build the wall, as there are massive meteor-like nuclear chemical weapons of hate coming towards our world that will turn just about everyone bitter and they will spiritually die. For the very sake of your spiritual life, I urge you to figure out how to use forgiveness as a protection right now before its too late. We need as many people building the wall as possible and your hands are useless in our Kingdom if you are bitter.

On building the wall with the other hand:

We build our wall by being a personal spiritual BRICK ON THE FOUNDATION. The wall is US. Don't waffle or waver from goodness, justice and mercy. Be good and stay good! Stay strong, no matter what happens to you or what injustice or opponent you might face. Overcome hate with love.

We build our wall by being a Brick connected to other bricks. We operate in unity, with a spirit of good-will, cooperation and mutual understanding.

As Bricks, we can each take our position wherever we want to on the foundation of Our Holy City. Some of us are totally opposite to the others. That's okay -- stop the stupid arguing - this Holy City needs four walls. Just find those who can be in unity with you. There are people uniquely suited to be "joiners" who will keep the separate walls together. It doesn't matter what denomination you are, what your gender is, what race you are, just position yourself where you are comfortable on the foundation of the Holy City, hold firm and don't waver from it.

Be a brick.

Be a brick and unite with others.


In this, we declare a Purim on hate and injustice in every house, city, village, hamlet and in every nation. We will see our Holy City descend from its spiritual hiding place to make its residence with us. And we will be called The Esther Generation.

In Him,


This battle is not yours

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